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  • Shell Layered Necklace, Beach Necklace, Charms Necklace
    Shell Layered Necklace, Beach Necklace, Charms Necklace

    Wanna add a bit of color to your day? Try on these 3 Tier Starfish Golden beach necklace. Beach necklaces are starting to be a part of everybody’s must-have list as summer approaches. Whether dressing up for a special occasion or worn casually. Details: Triple Tier Golden Necklace  with Starfish and Shell Pendants Toggle clasp Stainless chain Seashell...

    $23.98 $34.99 -$11.01
  • 3 Tier Silver Necklace 3 Tier Silver Necklace
    3 Tier Silver Necklace

    This sexy layered necklace is sure to create a memorable look and bring on the compliments. You deserve it, and it yours to keep. Details: 3 Tier Silver Necklace with Monochromatic Pendant Balls. Stainless Silver, fabric charms, toggle clasp

    $15.00 $25.00 -$10.00
  • Rope Knot Black Statement Necklace
    Rope Knot Black Statement Necklace

    This Chic Black Knot Choker is perfect for you! It’s fantastic and will catch everyone’s eye. Details: Black  Rope Knot Choker , Golden Clasp Length: choker

    $13.00 $22.00 -$9.00
  • Natural-Pearl-Layered Natural-Pearl-Layered

    This necklace is unique, fashionable, and pretty.  Get your jewelry wardrobe in shape when you wear this timeless layered necklace Description Three layers:The first layer- natural pearls accentuate with small turquoise and red stones.Second layer – stainless Rolo chain featuring a medium stainless pendantThird layer- oversize trendy paper link chain

  • Natural Gemstone Necklace Set Natural Gemstone Necklace Set
    Natural Gemstone Necklace Set

    These natural gemstones necklace set  would make a striking addition to any jewelry collection.  Make them yours now. Details: Crystal Earrings which  are the perfect choice for a glamour look.  Natural gemstones range in color from light pink to dark red Stainless chain link

  • Gemstones Necklace Set Gemstones Necklace Set
    Gemstones Necklace Set

    These natural gemstones Necklace set  are perfect accompaniment to your daily outfit and special occasion. Details : Gemstones Color  range from light pink , Brown, blue, orange , yellow and  dark red,  brown Leather cord. Length: Short, earrings are included.

  • Stone Bead Necklace Stone Bead Necklace
    Stone Bead Necklace

    Make your look elegant with this simple classic Mixed color stone Bead Necklace. Details : Including earrings. Mixed color stone  bead, Gold plated chain link, toggle clasp.

  • Small Stone Bead Necklace Small Stone Bead Necklace
    Small Stone Bead Necklace

    You need that simple and expensive look on your neck with this Small stone Bead Necklace. Details : Small stone Bead Necklace, gold plated chain link, stainless toggle clasp.

  • Asymmetric Gold Necklace Asymmetric Gold Necklace
    Asymmetric Gold Necklace

    Simple and gorgeously made Asymmetric Gold Necklace. This Stainless  chain necklace set is accented with  two small pearls and two stones. Details: Gold Necklace link,  Asymmetric Pendant, Lobster clasp Length: 14″ Include Earrings

  • Layered Link Chain Choker Set
    Layered Link Chain Choker Set

    Wear this statement necklace set with your elegant black dress on a special night. You are about to be noticed. Details:  Red beads combine with silver ,  gold plated chain Necklace length: 12″ Comes with earrings

  • Statement Gemstone Necklace Set
    Statement Gemstone Necklace Set

    This trendy red gemstone combination  bead necklace will match any look at any given time to give you a classic outfit. Details: Combination of Red Pebble  & Gold Bead Necklace with gold clasp closure. Earrings are included

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    $30.00 $35.00 -$5.00
  • Beautify

    Beautify your beauty with this colorful exotic flower necklace sets. Details: 12" long Stainless toggle clasps earrings included